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University of Missouri

More Than a Game

Students, alumni and community members enjoy many Homecoming festivities.

Homecoming ’13

The Black & Gold Standard
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In Columbia, Homecoming is a weeklong celebration that includes the 28th annual Homecoming Blood Drive, the student talent competition, campus decorations throughout Greek Town and a parade. Check out how thousands of students, alumni and community members participated in the festivities before heading to Memorial Stadium for the 6 p.m. Mizzou-South Carolina kickoff.

2013 Mizzou Homecoming Blood Drive

Sophomore Jordan Armstrong of Bloomington, Ill., donates one of 6,237 units of blood collected during the 2013 Mizzou Homecoming Blood Drive held Oct. 14–17 at the Hearnes Center. Photo by Rob Hill.

2013 Mizzou Homecoming Blood Drive

In addition to the busy Hearnes Center, about 500 units of blood for the Homecoming Blood Drive were collected at various alumni drive sites around the state. In 28 years of drives, 100,000 units of blood have been donated to the Red Cross. Photo by Rob Hill.

Talent Competition

Kappa Delta and Pi Kappa Theta perform a Hawaiian-themed skit at Jesse Hall for the Talent Competition Oct. 23. Photo by Mikala Compton.

Talent Competition

Members of Pi Beta Phi, Lambda Chi Alpha and Phi Delta Theta recreate a New Orleans scene at the Talent Competition at Jesse Hall Oct. 23. The plot of their skit involved a family requesting the help of three witches to undo a hex placed on their son. Photo by Mikala Compton.

2013 Mizzou Homecoming

Gabe Davis, BS ’02, of the Bates County chapter of the Mizzou Alumni Association watches as another kettle of popcorn is dumped into a bin. The group served kettle corn at Homecoming Headquarters Friday in front of the Reynolds Alumni Center. Photo by Rob Hill.

House decs

Farmhouse, Theta Chi and Kappa Kappa Gamma members put the final touches on their house dec Friday night. Photo by Mikala Compton.

House dec

Columbians gather Friday night to hear the tale of Truman the Great Explorer and his New Orleans adventure at the 2013 Lambda Chi Alpha, Pi Beta Phi and Phi Delta Theta Homecoming house decoration. Photo by Nicholas Benner.


Students watch as Youngblood Hawke performs at the second annual Homecoming concert on Rollins Street Friday night. Photo by Mikala Compton.


Lead singer Sam Martin sings to the crowd gathered to watch Youngblood Hawke perform on Rollins Street Friday night. Photo by Mikala Compton.


Nicholas Eschbacher sways to the music with Spencer Tompkins and Alfredo Florez during the Youngblood Hawke concert Friday night. Photo by Mikala Compton.

Marching Mizzou

Marching Mizzou steps in unison past Memorial Union during the Homecoming parade Saturday morning. Photo by Nicholas Benner.


Marching Mizzou leads off the band performances in the Mizzou Homecoming parade on Ninth Street Saturday morning. Photo by Rob Hill.


Truman the Tiger works the crowd at the 2013 Mizzou Homecoming parade Saturday morning. Photo by Rob Hill.