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University of Missouri

100 Years Young

Your alumni magazine celebrates with a new design as it enters its second century.

Cover images

This redesigned issue of MIZZOU magazine, right, is the latest in a parade of looks representing the university during the past century. Click on gallery images below for a closer look at historic covers.


ol. 1, No. 1, of the University of Missouri’s alumni magazine is dated October 1912 (above left). In the cover photo, ivy climbs the Columns on Francis Quadrangle. The cover blurb reads: Are You One?

On Page 45 of that inaugural issue, an advertisement asks alumni “who have intended to but haven’t yet subscribed” to do so. For $2 a year in dues, alumni association members receive a monthly subscription to The Missouri Alumnus. 

The success of the magazine will be measured not in dollars but by the number of alumni who read it regularly.”

The copy emphasizes in bold italic type.

How true.

A lot has changed in a proud century of publishing this magazine, but much remains the same. During the magazine’s 75th anniversary in 1987, circulation broadened to include all graduates, not just members. With the Winter 2011 issue, circulation expanded again to reach international alumni. This widespread communication by the Mizzou Alumni Association and the University of Missouri can cause some nonmembers to think they are members. It’s a price we’re willing to pay.

Throughout the century, membership has been the lifeblood of the association. Dues dollars pay the printing bill of the nearly 200,000 magazines four times a year. In late May, the association reached a membership record: 44,415 alumni have said yes to our request to join.

I’ll ask: Are You One? If not, please join.

For the magazine’s centennial, we’ve redesigned MIZZOU. At focus groups with readers this spring, we asked what you read and didn’t read. The staples you love — Class Notes, Around the Columns and features — are here, alive and well, embarking upon a second century. Capitalizing on your appreciation of the magazine’s photography and design, we’ve attempted to make MIZZOU even more visual. Inside the front cover is First Look, a double truck photojournalistic opener. In the front and back sections of MIZZOU, you’ll see full‐page information graphics. In features, we’ve added a multipage gallery.

This redesign is a work in progress. We want to hear from you. Tell us what you think.