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University of Missouri

Sigma Kappa Returns

Twins Kellie Bray, BS ’98, and Kristie Larson, BS ’98, recount college days.

Sigma Kappa house

The sorority house at 908 Curtis Ave. will shelter Sigma Kappas this fall. Photo by Rob Hill.

Twins Kellie Bray and Kristie Larson are virtually identical.
Both Tigers became Sigma Kappa sorority sisters in 1994. Both earned the same degree, BS ’98. Even the inflection in their voices when excited is similar.

So when sharing thoughts about the fall 2012 return of Sigma Kappa to MU’s campus after eight years of inactivity, they can practically finish each other’s sentences.

We’re excited to come back not only to re‐energize alumni in the Columbia, Kansas City, St. Louis and Springfield areas,” Larson says, “but also people that, like Kellie, have left and have a reason to come home — not only to our university but to our sorority.”

In the 1990s, the Bray sisters arrived in Columbia from Cameron, Mo. In 1997, Larson led Mizzou’s Sigma Kappa chapter as president, and Bray became the Panhellenic Association president.

Now Larson serves on the sorority’s corporation board, overseeing Sigma Kappa’s 908 Curtis Ave. home, and Bray is a national trainer for the sorority. They have both been members of the Mizzou Alumni Association’s Griffiths Leadership Society for Women since its 2005 inception.

It’s been amazing to come back to campus and see all of the change — change for the better,” Larson says.

She mentioned facilities including the MU Student Center, Cornell Hall, the Student Recreation Complex and the Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute.

And what I liked is that even with all of these new things, I think that [renovation] has stayed true to the integrity of the campus that we knew just 14 years ago,” Bray says. “I hope that alumni who graduated before us feel the same way.”