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University of Missouri

Roll Em: One Mizzou

Jingle king Jack Smith, BJ ’62, has written another ode to MU.

Some people send cards. Others might write a speech. But Advertising Hall of Famer Jack Smith would rather write songs for most any occasion. On Aug. 31, 2012, in the MU Student Center, he premiered One Mizzou, a video including a song by the same name — his latest tribute to the Mizzou spirit. The University Singers perform the song along with lead singer Cathy Richardson of Jefferson Starship.

student singers record One Mizzou song

Singers record background vocals for “One Mizzou” April 22, 2012, at Mansion Studio in Columbia. Photo by Mary Fama.

Smith, BA ’62, worked for decades in advertising, writing jingles for big clients. His words and tunes include “Feels So Good Comin’ Down” (7up) and “Slow Dance” (Heinz Ketchup). Smith wrote or co‐wrote three Advertising Age Songs of the Year, including “It’s a Good Time for the Great Taste of McDonald’s” (1985) and “This is Not Your Father’s Oldsmobile” (1988).

Since retiring in 1994 and moving to Columbia, he taught at the School of Journalism, created advertising campaigns for MU’s athletics department and wrote “For All We Call Mizzou,” the theme song for the university’s $1 billion fundraising campaign.