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University of Missouri

Care for Missouri

MU is the No. 1 educator of Missouri physicians.

map of missouri

Illustration by Blake Dinsdale/istockphoto

MU is the No. 1 provider of Missouri’s physicians. More Show‐Me State physicians (2,457) earned their medical degree at MU than at any other university. The MU Health System’s 8,500 employees form a health care network that annually handles more than 500,000 clinic visits. The network’s expenditures of about $900 million have an economic impact of more than $2 billion.

Serving Missouri

MU’s specialist faculty physicians visit patients in small towns and underserved areas so they don’t have to leave their communities for care.

MobileSim bus

MobileSim photo courtesy of MU Health.

The Rural Track Pipeline program transforms rural students into physicians who return to the countryside to practice.

Road Trip Learning

On MU’s 30‐foot Mobile Sim, three lifelike computerized patient mannequins and virtual reality devices simulate more than 110 medical scenarios to keep health care providers up to date in their training. The vehicle has served more than 800 people, including nurses, physicians and interested high school students.

Dr. James Sowers in lab

James Sowers photo by Justin Kelley.

Cardio Care

James Sowers, MD ’71, a physician‐researcher at MU, was among the first to study the deadly link between cardiovascular disease and diabetes. His work has helped explain why high blood pressure and other complications of diabetes often lead to cardiovascular disease, the nation’s No. 1 killer.

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