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University of Missouri

Top of the Game

Another record‐breaking enrollment for MU.

african-american female student at desk with books

Photo by Nicholas Benner.

Students continue flocking to Mizzou, making fall 2012 the 11th straight year of record‐breaking enrollment. Total enrollment is up more than 2.7 percent from fall 2011’s figure, with the largest increase coming from out‐of‐state freshmen.

Model Student

Brienna LaCoste, left, a junior journalism major from Chicago, is one of the more than 9,000 Mizzou students from out‐of‐state, a category that increased 9 percent from 2011.

Mizzou enrollment figures for states in the southeastLand of Lincoln

MU employs two full‐time recruiters in the Chicago area, partially explaining the more than 20 percent increase in students from Illinois.

Moving Up

Compared to 2011, enrollment from the 10 other SEC states increased 2.8 percent. Louisiana had the largest increase at nearly 19 percent.

34,748 total students

Brain Power

Diversity and quality are up as well. MU’s mean ACT score is 25.7. The Missouri average is 21.6, and the national composite is 21.1.