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University of Missouri

CoMo Art: In Plain View

Alumni and faculty artists make Columbia an outdoor museum.

Across town, MU alumni and faculty artists have created more public art, turning CoMo into an outdoor museum of sorts.

First Born sculpture

First Born by Don Bartlett, Sabra Tull Meyer and Mike Ruble

First Born | 1986, bronze
Boone County Courthouse Square, Walnut and Eighth streets
Don Bartlett began this piece, completed in 1996 by Sabra Tull Meyer, BA ’49, MA ’79, MFA ’82, and Mike Ruble, MFA ’86. The three figures suggests the importance of family across generations.

Jamboree sculpture

Jamboree by Jim Calvin and Andy Davis

Jamboree | 1996, bronze
Boone County Courthouse Square, Walnut and Eighth streets
Jim Calvin, associate professor of art at MU, and Andy Davis depict a musical quintet — gecko, hare, alligator, cat and frog — celebrating diversity and harmony.

Convergence triptych

Convergence by Lampo Leong

Convergence | 2011, acrylic and mixed media
Columbia City Hall, 701 E. Broadway, second floor
Lampo Leong, professor of art at MU, layers Chinese calligraphy and English letters to represent Columbia’s diversity.

Birds/dogs sculptures

Birds/dogs by Chris Morrey

Birds/dogs | 2012, bronze
Columbia City Hall, 701 E. Broadway, third floor
Chris Morrey, MFA ’09, creates figures using a variety of forms, including flowers and foliage.

Marathoners sculpture

Marathoners by Larry Young

Marathoners | 2007, bronze
Flat Branch Park, 400 Locust St.
Larry Young, Arts ’77, a two‐time Olympic medalist in racewalking, created the 6‐foot figures and placed them on 8‐foot pedestals.

Beetle Bailey sculpture

Beetle Bailey by Mort Walker

Beetle Bailey | 1992, bronze
Reynolds Alumni Center, 107 Conley Ave.
Mort Walker, BA ’48, and son Neal unveiled the cartoonist’s iconic sculpture during Homecoming 1992.

The Shell Seeker sculpture

The Shell Seeker by Sabra Tull Meyer

The Shell Seeker | 2007, bronze
Columbia Public Library, 100 W. Broadway
Sabra Tull Meyer created this life‐sized sculpture of a boy holding a seashell and book.

In Gratitude relief sculpture

In Gratitude by Jane Bick Mudd

In Gratitude | 2009, bronze
Fire Station No. 7, 400 Green Meadows Circle
Jane Bick Mudd, MFA ’94, depicts citizens expressing gratitude for the work of first responders.

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