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University of Missouri

Missouri Press Update

The University of Missouri Press reopens under new management.

Clair Wilcox

Clair Wilcox was rehired Oct. 15, 2012, as editor‐in‐chief of the University of Missouri Press. Photo by Rob Hill.

The closing and reopening of the University of Missouri Press was one of the biggest campus stories of 2012. The University of Missouri System announced the closing in spring 2012, but after a backlash, officials announced in July that the press would reopen under MU management. A 21‐member committee was formed to advise the press on future decisions. Some MU Faculty Council members met with Chancellor Brady J. Deaton and UM System President Tim Wolfe to discuss faculty’s input on the press. “We are pleased to see that the press is getting righted,” Faculty Council Chair Harry Tyrer says. “This is truly a great moment for shared governance.”