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University of Missouri

Parental Advice

A new study will ask empty‐nest parents what they did right and wrong raising children.

Parents and college-age son

Parents know what works and what doesn’t based on experience. Photo by Rachel Coward.

Dave Schramm turns gossip into a good thing. He studies family relationships and shares the accumulated wisdom with people all over Missouri. Schramm, assistant professor of human development and family studies in the College of Human Environmental Sciences and state extension specialist, recently won a Mizzou Alumni Association faculty‐incentive grant to gather child‐rearing advice from empty‐nest parents. “We’ll see what advice and regrets they have that could help a new generation,” he says. Based on the results, he will develop curricula and tip sheets to share through programs, lectures, websites and other extension specialists. The big idea, he says, is to help people be better parents.