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University of Missouri

Pearce Wins Geyer Award

State Sen. David Pearce, BS Ag ’84, champions education.

David Pearce

Sen. David Pearce works to strengthen higher education. Photo by Harrison Sweazea, senate photographer.

The Mizzou Alumni Association has given state Sen. David Pearce, BS Ag ’84, a 2012 Henry S. Geyer Award. The honor, named for the author of the Geyer Act of 1839, which established the University of Missouri, highlights those who have supported higher education and Mizzou.

Pearce might have been born too late to launch higher education in Missouri, but he has done more than his share to strengthen the institution. The Warrensburg, Mo., native is chair of the Senate Education Committee, the Educated Citizenry 2020 Committee, and the Joint Committee on Education. “Sen. Pearce has been a strong supporter of higher education, together with appropriations committee Chairman Kurt Schaefer, and has fought against cuts in higher education core funding,” says Marty Oetting, MA ’92, director of government relations for the University of Missouri System.

Pearce says his education in agricultural journalism at MU prepared him well for the give and take of government work. “I learned you have to proof your work and take constructive criticism. I also learned that, in order to get better, you need to rely on other people. When you write a story or a bill, send it out for review and get it back with a lot of red ink. That process improves the product.”

The 2012 Geyer award for citizens went to students Steven Dickherber of Wentzville, Mo.; Ben Levin of Columbia; and Zach Toombs of Red Oak, Texas.