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University of Missouri

A Tree of Tigers

Houk family includes four generations of Mizzou alumni.

1920 Mizzou basketball team

Charles Green, front row second from right, played for Mizzou on the 1920 basketball team. Photo courtesy of Michael Houk.

Margaret, Michael and Duane Houk

Michael Houk (center) and his parents Margaret Green Houk and Duane Houk are all Mizzou alumni. Photo courtesy of Michael Houk.

Ashley Houk was a sophomore at Wichita State when she attended the MU‐Nebraska football game in 2005. After the Tigers won 41–24, the post‐game rush and cheers echoing throughout Memorial Stadium cemented her decision: She knew she was going to transfer to Mizzou. “I wanted to be a part of that,” she says.

When Ashley graduated with her bachelor’s degree in nursing in 2007, she marked the fourth generation of Mizzou grads in her family. Growing up, she heard her father, Michael Houk, BS Ag ’75, tell stories about how his parents, Duane Houk, BS Ag ’48, MS ’68, and Margaret Green Houk, BS BA ’50, met at Mizzou. And Michael still gets choked up when he thinks about the picture of his grandfather that hung at Brewer Fieldhouse when he attended Mizzou. Charles Green played basketball at MU in the early 1920s and graduated in 1922 with a certification in agriculture.

Michael and Ashley Houk

Ashley Houk at her graduation in 2007. Photo courtesy of Michael Houk.

As long as I can remember, I was going to the University of Missouri,” Michael says. “I was elated when Ashley [transferred there]. It makes me proud.”

Ashley, a nurse in the pre‐ and post‐op area at University Hospital, says that when she has children, she hopes they’ll go to Mizzou, too.