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University of Missouri

Health Professions Hires New Dean

Kristofer Hagglund takes the reins as dean of health professions.

Kris Hagglund

Kris Hagglund. Photo courtesy of MU School of Health Professions.

Psychology started out as Kristofer Hagglund’s placeholder. As a sophomore at Illinois State University, he had to choose a major or risk adding a year to his undergraduate stay. He did well in his psychology courses, so that’s what he picked.

Three decades later, the health psychologist is still in the field, having just been named dean of MU’s fast‐growing School of Health Professions.

His path was not always certain. Without encouragement from Illinois State Professor Len Schmaltz, things might have gone differently. “I’m so thankful to him because he just thought I had potential to go to graduate school,” Hagglund says. “He talked to me about my options.”

Hagglund earned master’s and doctoral degrees from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. He came to Mizzou in 1989 for an internship and became an assistant professor in 1990.

Associate dean since 2001, Hagglund took over the top spot July 1 from Richard Oliver, BS ’71, M Ed ’73, PhD ’77, who returned to the faculty ranks after 12 years as dean.