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University of Missouri

Mizzou in St. Lou

Black and gold melds with red during Mizzou Night at Busch Stadium.

Mizzou athletes at Busch Stadium

Tiger student‐athletes who attended Mizzou Night Aug. 24, 2013, at Busch Stadium are, from left: Morgan Stock, Maddie Stock and Lianna Doty (basketball); Lisa Henning and Whittney Little (volleyball); Kony Ealy (football); Molly Kreklow (volleyball); Rachel Stuhlmann (tennis) and Jimmie Hunt (football). Photo by Bill Greenblatt.

A little 90‐degree heat won’t stop Redbird fans from filling Busch Stadium during the dog days of August. So offer them a collectible black‐and‐gold hat on Mizzou Night, and they’ll line up along Broadway in St. Louis.

Kony Ealy

Mizzou defensive end Kony Ealy delivers a high strike during the ceremonial first pitch at Busch Stadium’s Mizzou Night. Photo by Bill Greenblatt.

Tiger defensive lineman Kony Ealy threw out a ceremonial first pitch, fans posed for photos with cheerleaders and Golden Girls, and old pals Truman and Fredbird rode atop a pickup truck cracking up fans with their antics.

Final score: Cardinals 6, Atlanta Braves 2.

Mizzou has had a perpetual presence in and around the St. Louis Cardinals franchise. Longtime Cardinals radio broadcaster and third baseman Mike Shannon played at Mizzou in 1958 before beginning his professional career. David Freese, current third baseman and 2011 World Series MVP, attended Mizzou in 2002. The Bob Broeg‐Rick Hummel Press Box — BJ ’41 and BJ ’68, respectively — is named for the pair of Hall of Fame sports writers for the St. Louis Post‐Dispatch. And Derrick Goold, BA, BJ ’97, is the newspaper’s current Cardinals beat reporter.

I graduated from Mizzou into a rapidly changing world of journalism,” Goold says. “If you’re being asked to produce this constant treadmill of content, you have to be able to adapt whether it’s to the subject matter or the medium. I rely a lot on what I learned from Mizzou.”

Mizzou Night at Busch Stadium

Manya Douglas‐Clayton, HES ’83, and Adam Hickey, BJ ’09, members of the Gateway Tigers, a Mizzou Alumni Chapter in St. Louis, hand out Tiger gear during Mizzou Night at Busch Stadium. Photo by Nicholas Benner.

The St. Louis Mizzou Alumni Chapter also set up camp in Riverview Corner on the stadium’s upper deck to hand out hats and sign up new members.

When I first started going to Mizzou football games, they weren’t very good, but it was still a full house,” says Bob Evans, a chapter board member. “The Cardinals have been blessed to be a perennial powerhouse it seems, but I love the dedication of the fans. That parallel between Cardinals fans and Tigers fans had always been there.”

Mizzou/Cardinals hat

Fans who purchased special tickets received this Cardinals‐Mizzou hybrid hat during Mizzou Night. Photo by Rob Hill.