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University of Missouri

Roll of Honor: By the Numbers

Here’s more information about the 904 donors who helped bring Mizzou to Boone County.

In 1839, about 900 residents came together to raise $117,000 in cash and land to bring the first state university to Boone County. Most of the donations were for modest amounts, but the lion’s share of the money came from a few wealthy individuals. Of the 898 cash donations, the 51 largest accounted for half of the amount raised. The list of donors is collectively known as the Roll of Honor. Their names and donation amounts are included here.

Number of donations: 904

Total donated:* $97,962.75
*In cash and cash equivalent, excluding six land parcels with no cash value listed.

Donations of $5 or less: 72 (8 percent)
Donations of $10 or less: 190 (21 percent)

Smallest cash donation: $1
Largest cash donation: $3,000

Most common donation: $25
Median donation: $35
Average donation: $109

Donations of $100 or more: 263 (29 percent)
Donations of $1,000 or more: 19 (2.1 percent)

Total of 708 smallest cash donations: $24,459.25 (25 percent of total)
Total of 12 largest cash donations: $24,750 (25 percent of total)

Most common first name: John (109)
Most common last name: Turner (17)

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