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University of Missouri

Team Chemistry

Wife of former Mizzou football standout is a star in her own right.

Rosalynn and Brad Smith

Rosalynn and Brad Smith’s daughter, Brea, was born March 7, 2013. Photo courtesy of the Smiths.

Former Mizzou quarterback and current Buffalo Bills utility man Brad Smith, BS BA ’05, can pass, run, snag receptions and return kicks. It’s no wonder the love of his life, Rosalynn Manor Smith, PhD ’07, is also a multipurpose gal.

During her time as an MU researcher developing a light‐emitting device to help doctors treat the HIV virus, Rosalynn worked in the electrical engineering, physics and biological engineering departments as well as the Gangopadhyay Research Group laboratory that develops nanomaterials.

Brad and I were friends for about two years before we officially dated,” she says. “I would watch his football games, and in turn he would watch me do research experiments in the lab.”

It’s unclear whether Brad the spectator did the wave solo or shouted “M‐I‐Z!” from behind beakers and Bunsen burners, but the pair clearly had chemistry.

After the New York Jets drafted Brad in 2006, Rosalynn began work as a scientific adviser in intellectual property with an Austin, Texas, firm. Rosalynn later volunteered as a research scientist in the neonatal intensive care unit of a New Jersey hospital. The couple married in 2007 and now have two children: son Alex, 3, and daughter Brea, born March 7, 2013.

Now she helps her husband run the Brad Smith True Foundation Football Camp by leading a free workshop for girls in which they discuss education, fashion, health, fitness and professionalism. She also wrote a Christian book for mothers‐to‐be called A Prayer for Baby: A 40‐Week Pregnancy Daily Devotional (CrossBooks, 2011).

As a first‐generation college graduate, it is important to me that any young lady I can reach understands there are no limitations in life,” Rosalynn says.