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University of Missouri

Trucking Along

Food trucks are the latest food trend to roll into Columbia.

Ozark Mountain Biscuit Co.

Ozark Mountain Biscuit Co. truck. Photo by Rob Hill.

Whether it’s lunch or late night, savory or sweet, Mexican or good ol’ comfort food, CoMo has embraced a new food trend that hits the spot — if you can find it that is. Parked outside office buildings, farmers markets and bars are fleets of food trucks. These meals on wheels are always on the move, so the best way to track down a truck is to check out its Facebook or Twitter page.

Jamaican Jerk Hut

Jamaica natives Rex Scott and Colin Russell could be considered the founding fathers of modern food trucks in Columbia. Their trailer was the first of its kind when it rolled into town nearly 10 years ago, though the pair now only does catering and special events. The MU employees, Scott in IT Systems Support and Russell in Student Information Systems, grill Jamaican specialties, including jerk wings and chicken curry.

Try this: Jerk Chicken with Rasta lemonade
Facebook/Twitter: Jam Jerk Hut / @JamJerkHut
Phone: 573–694-6086

Pepe’s of Columbia


Pepe Perez’s rolling restaurant is more trailer than truck — he cooks the food in a restaurant and assembles and serves it  from the tiny enclosure — but that doesn’t make his Mexican any less mobile. His made‐to‐order menu includes burritos, tacos, tamales, nachos and quesadillas, and on weekends, he sells breakfast burritos.

Try this: Shredded Beef Burrito
Website/Facebook/Twitter: Pepesofcolumbia.comPepe’s of Columbia / @PepesOfColumbia
Phone: 573–268-4503
Most often parked: North Village Arts District Farmers and Artisans Market, 26 N. 10th St.

Sunflower Waffle Co.


Whether you think the perfect waffle is served with syrup or chicken, Sunflower Waffle has you covered. Some of the more daring innovations from the waffle‐on‐wheels include the Sol — a waffle piled high with pesto, egg and cheese — and the Carnival Corn Dog — a cornbread‐battered turkey‐and‐pepper‐jack bratwurst served with a waffle.

Try this: Chicken & Waffle topped with sausage and bacon gravy
Facebook/Twitter: Sunflower Waffle Company / @SunflowerWaffle
Phone: 573–340-8725
Most often parked: Stephens Building, 1005 Cherry St.

Ozark Mountain Biscuit Co.

Inspired by his Ozark foothills upbringing, Bryan Maness, BA ’03, is serving an updated version of the Southern cooking he grew up eating. From the biscuit basics (gravy or homemade preserves) to the baroque (smoked pulled pork with a vinegar slaw or grilled ground beef with smoked cheddar and zucchini pickles), Maness is slinging biscuit sandwiches his grandmother couldn’t have imagined.

Try this: Chicken Fried Chicken with a side of fried green tomatoes and a rémoulade dipping sauce
Website/Facebook/Twitter: Ozarkmountainbiscuits.comOzark Mountain Biscuit Co. / @biscuit_truck
Phone: 573–999-9323
Most often parked: The Bridge, 1020 E. Walnut St.

Playing with Fire Wood Fired Pizza


The word “bourgeois” might come from the French, but Tim Eisenhauer, A&S ’01, former kitchen manager at Les Bourgeois Vineyards, prefers Italian. His Neapolitan‐style wood‐fired pizzas feature San Marzano tomatoes, pecorino toscano (ewe’s milk cheese), sopressata salami, capocolla ham and pancetta (Italian bacon).

Try this: Mushroom pizza — it has truffle oil on it.
Website/Facebook: PWFpizza.comPlaying With Fire Wood Fired Pizza
Phone: 573–579-1192
Most often parked: North Village Arts District Farmers and Artisans Market, 26 N. 10th St.

CoMo Dough Pizza

Mark Risch knows dough. He’s been baking for more than 30 years and sells his baked goods at the CoMo Dough kiosk at Parkade Center. When the food truck trend showed up in Columbia, Risch knew it was time to deploy his perfected pizza pies and take his dough on the road. Baked in a wood‐fired oven at 900 degrees, the CoMo Dough pizzas pop out in about two minutes.

Try this: Sausage & Apple pizza. Don’t forget to snag one of his cinnamon buns, too.
Website/Facebook/Twitter: Comodough.comComo Dough Woodfired Pizza / @ComoDoughPizza
Phone: 573–356-3898
Most often parked: Parkade Center, 601 Business Loop 70 W.