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University of Missouri

Animal (Medicine) Lovers

Love for animals prompts $2.5 million estate gift to College of Veterinary Medicine.

Gary Savill and Barbara Stampfli-Savill

Gary Savill and Barbara Stampfli‐Savill with their dogs Abby and Shelby. Photo courtesy of MU News Bureau.

Gary Savill and wife Barbara Stampfli‐Savill wanted their estate to benefit animals, and they liked the idea of giving to a veterinary school.

The Ballwin, Mo., couple are not originally from the St. Louis area and have no ties to Mizzou, but in talking to veterinary schools across the country, they were impressed by “the personal relationship” they felt with Mizzou and the translational medicine practiced at MU that has led to new cancer‐fighting drugs.

Their $2.5 million estate gift will fund an endowment that could pay half of the tuition and fees for as many as 10 veterinary students annually.

Other recent gifts to MU include:

•  $1.1 million from Lowell Miller, BS Ag ’57, MS ’58, PhD ’60, of Loch Lloyd, Mo., announced April 4, 2014, to create the Lowell D. Miller Endowed Chair in Biochemistry

•  $1 million from Donald Steen, BS BA ’68, and wife Trudy Kay Steen, BS BA ’68, of Dallas, given March 7, 2014, for the Donald E. and Trudy K. Steen Entrepreneurship Venture Fund in the Trulaske College of Business