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University of Missouri

Called to Civil Service

Mizzou ’39 recognizes outstanding seniors.

Lexie Cartee

Lexie Cartee is part of the 2014 Mizzou ’39 class. Photo by Rob Hill.

Lexie Cartee knew she wanted to work for a three‐letter agency — CIA, FBI, DOD — but she wasn’t sure how to get there. She considered law or business, but the Mother Jones reader landed on journalism.

While covering Mizzou’s ROTC program for an investigative reporting assignment, Cartee felt moved by the Army values. Thinking back to her elementary school days when she maxed out on the pullup and pushup portion of the Presidential Physical Fitness Test, Cartee knew she had found her path to a career in civil service. She joined the Mizzou Army ROTC.

Cartee spent her junior year memorizing jargon, understanding land navigation tactics and learning how to lead her peers in garrison. At the annual Leadership Development Assessment Course, an evaluation gantlet cadets undergo to determine their post‐graduation assignments, Cartee ranked at the top of the 228 cadets competing in the Alpha Company of the 5th Regiment.

The St. Peters, Mo., native is also part of the 2014 Mizzou ’39 class. Each year, the Mizzou Alumni Association chooses 39 seniors who represent MU’s values through academic achievement, leadership and service.

Although the Mizzou tour guide will miss pointing out the stone shamrock outside Lafferre Hall and telling the story of how her grandparents met at Mizzou when she graduates in December 2014, she is ready for her Army assignment.

Your passion might be journalism or entrepreneurship,” says the Kappa Alpha Theta member. “One of mine is serving my country, and I’m really looking forward to it.”