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University of Missouri

Educating the State

Residents across Missouri benefit from MU’s educational outreach.

Illustration by Blake Dinsdale.

Illustration by Blake Dinsdale.

Mizzou’s educational mission extends far beyond the classrooms in Columbia. Through partnerships and programs, the University of Missouri’s knowledge and expertise reach every corner and all 114 counties of the state.

MU Extension

Reaching into communities to educate Missourians is the heart of what MU Extension has been doing since the Smith‐Lever Act established the nation’s university‐based extension systems a century ago. MU Extension has personnel in each of Missouri’s 114 counties. In 2013, MU Extension made contact with 2.3 million Missourians through classes and resources on topics such as livestock production, crop management, horticulture, nutrition, starting a business, workforce development, community development and personal finance. For more information about MU Extension’s centennial celebration, visit

The Missouri Health Professions Consortium

School of Health Professions faculty teach occupational therapy assistant classes remotely for students at five community colleges across the state and deliver in‐person laboratory instruction once a week.

MU Partnership for Educational Renewal (MPER)

Through teacher training and professional development, MPER encourages effective, research‐based teaching techniques that improve learning in K‐12 classrooms. The program is a collaboration among the MU colleges of education, and arts and science; 22 Missouri school districts with combined enrollments of about 180,000 students; the state Department of Elementary and Secondary Education; and the Regional Professional Development Center.

Missouri College Advising Corps (MCAC)

MCAC hires recent MU graduates to advise high school students in 26 partner schools that traditionally send small percentages of their graduates to college. In the 2013 academic year, advisers helped 24,272 high school students plan for college.MCAC has an expansion plan and is seeking additional funding to increase the number of schools in the program.

Mizzou Online Comes to Campus

Graduates of 12 Missouri community colleges can take Mizzou Online classes without leaving their old campus. The members of the Missouri Community College Association signed an agreement Oct. 9, 2013, to provide Internet access and designated workstations for their alumni who are pursuing one of more than 90 Mizzou Online undergraduate or graduate degree programs.