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University of Missouri

MU Bolsters Title IX Policies

MU changes sexual assault reporting policy.

On April 11, 2014, St. Louis‐area law firm Dowd Bennett released its report assessing MU’s handling of the Sasha Menu Courey case. The freshman swimmer claimed to have been sexually assaulted in 2010. She committed suicide in 2011.

The report found that, though there was no intentional mishandling of the alleged assault, MU did not follow proper Title IX guidelines in reporting the incident to the campus Title IX coordinator.

Although nothing will bring [Menu Courey] back, we can move forward and honor her memory by making sure that MU is accountable and responsible,” Chancellor R. Bowen Loftin said.

On April 7, University of Missouri System President Tim Wolfe issued Executive Order 40 to supplement the university’s nondiscrimination policies. The order makes clear that every employee — excluding health care providers, counselors, lawyers and others who have a legal obligation to maintain confidentiality — is required to report claims of sexual harassment against students to the appropriate Title IX coordinator. Noel English is MU’s Title IX coordinator, and Cathy Scroggs is deputy Title IX coordinator.

The Columbia Police Department continues to investigate the Menu Courey case.