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University of Missouri

Curators Strengthen Sexual Assault Policy

Also add gender identity and expression to nondiscrimination policy.

On June 19, the University of Missouri Board of Curators toughened the university’s Collected Rules and Regulations relating to Title IX and sexual assaults.

Among the changes in the student conduct chapter are replacing the word “rape” with the phrase “nonconsensual sexual intercourse.” Also, the use of the word “nonconsensual” was broadened to encompass instances in which a victim was “incapacitated by alcohol, drugs or other circumstances and, therefore, incapable of consent.”

The changes come months after an executive order made it mandatory that all employees (except those bound by confidentiality), report student claims of inappropriate sexual behavior to one of the following Title IX coordinators: Linda Bennett, Noel English, Sarah Reesman or Cathy Scroggs.

In addition, curators approved adding gender identity and gender expression to the UM System’s policy on nondiscrimination.