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University of Missouri

They Said Yes

Mizzou Matches made on Traditions Plaza.

Thousands of Mizzou community members descended on the newly dedicated Traditions Plaza during 2014 Homecoming. Tigers young and old walked slowly over the freshly laid bricks and tiles, reading notable quotations and the names of alumni and legacy families.

But a few women got the surprise of a lifetime when they looked down to see a proposal paver and their boyfriend — now fiancé — on bended knee before them. Here are three couples who became Mizzou Matches on Traditions Plaza.

Traditions Plaza Mizzou engagement

Mark Roderique and Mary Wyrwich got engaged at Traditions Plaza during 2014 Homecoming. Photos by Lindsey Pantaleo.

Mark Roderique, BS Acc, M Acc ’10, and Mary Wyrwich, BS BA ’10, MHA ’12, of Chicago

Mary Wyrwich was excited to see Mizzou’s newest landmark, Traditions Plaza, but she didn’t want to spend as much time looking at the bricks as boyfriend Mark Roderique did. She glanced around and then walked off the stage, eager to meet her friends and fellow Tigers at Homecoming. But Roderique was insistent that she return to the plaza stage. When she rejoined Roderique, she finally got it.

Inscribed on a brick was, “Mary, will you marry me? –Mark.”

As soon as I saw the brick, he went down on one knee,” says Wyrwich, an assistant administrator at Tenet Healthcare. The Mizzou fans didn’t need an excuse to come back to campus, but Roderique, a financial analyst for CNA, says they’re both glad to leave behind a legacy at Mizzou.

Traditions Plaza Mizzou engagement

Jason Pottenger and Lisa Meiners got engaged at Traditions Plaza during 2014 Homecoming. Photos courtesy of Jason Pottenger.

Jason Pottenger, BA ’89, of Prairie Village, Kansas, and Lisa Fischer Meiners, BA ’91, of Kansas City, Missouri

When Jason Pottenger heard about Traditions Plaza, he knew he wanted to buy a brick for his parents, Lowell Pottenger, BA ’61, MD ’66, and Carol Hixenbaugh Pottenger, BSN ’65, who celebrated their 50th anniversary in 2014. He figured it was as good a time as any to buy a brick for himself and girlfriend Lisa Fischer Meiners, BA ’91. Only she had no idea. “I told her I promised I would take a picture of my parents’ brick,” says Pottenger, partner at Pottenger Law Firm LLC. When Meiners stumbled upon a brick with her and Pottenger’s name on it, Pottenger got down on one knee and said, “Bricks are a foundation, and I would like you to be the foundation of my life.” Meiners, an administrative law judge for the Division of Worker’s Compensation, said yes.

Traditions Plaza Mizzou engagement

Lindsay Mathey and Rob Liebherr got engaged at Traditions Plaza during 2014 Homecoming. Photos courtesy of Rob Liebherr.

Rob Liebherr, BS BA ’08, and Lindsay Mathey of St. Louis

Rob Liebherr wanted his proposal to Lindsay Mathey to be a grand gesture, he just wasn’t sure what it was going to be. Mathey had never been to a Mizzou football game before, and Liebherr was always telling her that it would change her life. When Liebherr received an email detailing Traditions Plaza, he knew he landed on his grand gesture. “When we walked up, I had in my mind what I was going to say,” says Liebherr, an operations team leader for Edward Jones. “But the minute my foot hit Traditions Plaza, that all went out of my head.” Luckily for Liebherr, his brick did all the talking. It reads, “Lindsay, I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Love, Rob.” For Mathey, owner of The White Rabbit vintage boutique, it was a life‐changing weekend.

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