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University of Missouri

Free Rides for True Tigers

Student members of the Mizzou Alumni Association get perks.

MAA True Tigers golf cart

Student members of the Mizzou Alumni Association are giving students rides to class on Tuesdays during fall 2014. Photo by Rob Hill.

One day in summer 2014, Charlie Koors was driving the Mizzou Alumni Association’s golf cart on official business, and an idea popped into the head of the junior agriculture major from St. Louis: “How cool would it be if we could give students rides to class in the cart!” The “we” Koors refers to is True Tigers, a group of 5,862 student members of the association. His brainstorm soon morphed into True Tiger Taxi Tuesdays, one of the group’s new recruitment and retention programs for fall 2014. Other True Tiger programming includes handing out “Beat” T‐shirts in advance of four home football games and an initiative that pairs True Tigers with MU graduates who volunteer as mentors. In 2014, a total of 50 such pairs corresponded by email, phone or in person about career‐related topics. “We have a lot of young alumni as mentors,” says Aly Friend, BS ’12, coordinator of student programs for the association. “They really remember about the stress of interviews and first jobs.”