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University of Missouri

Geology Camp Rocks

MU geology field camp wins $10,000 award.

Jordyn Cloud

Geology major Jordyn Cloud marvels at ripple marks in rocks during a mapping project at Camp Branson, near Lander, Wyoming. Photo courtesy of Jordyn Cloud.

Since 1911, students have traveled to MU’s Camp Branson Field Laboratory near Lander, Wyoming, to work on projects ranging from geological mapping to hydrogeology, making it the longest continuously run field camp in the nation. In 2014, the program won the $10,000 Geological Society of America/ExxonMobil Field Camp Excellence Award. “What we do is directly applicable to the jobs that are coming up for geologists,” says camp director Miriam Barquero‐Molina. Junior geology major Jordyn Cloud hoped practicing the hands‐on science would expose her to the diversity of the field. After using seismic imaging to uncover subsurface faulting and water tables, Cloud was offered an undergraduate research position with geophysics associate professor Eric Sandvol this year. “I knew this would help me find direction,” says the Springfield, Missouri, native.