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University of Missouri

Is This the Beef?

Beyond Meat branches out to faux hamburgers and ground beef.

Beyond Beef

Beyond Beef is the latest alternative meat product from Beyond Meat that is based on technology licensed from MU. Image courtesy of Beyond Meat.

Beyond Chicken strips from Beyond Meat have been wowing food critics since their release in 2012. Manufactured in Columbia using a process developed by MU bioengineering professor Fu‐hung Hsieh and former MU researcher Harold Huff, BS Ag ’74, MS ’81, the strips mimic the taste, texture and mouthfeel of the real thing. In February, with a few tweaks to the high‐moisture extrusion process, the company released Beyond Beef, which mimics ground beef, and it plans to introduce the patty‐like Beast Burger in February 2015. Beyond Meat products are available in roughly 6,000 stores nationwide, says Brent Taylor, Beyond Meat’s co‐founder and vice president of corporate development. Taylor says to expect “a lot of new products” in the future and further expansion of the Columbia plant.