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University of Missouri

The Jones Girls

Before building is demolished in 2015, former Jones Hall residents reminisce.

Mizzou Jones Hall

Jones Hall has been home to nearly 20,000 Mizzou students since it was constructed in 1957. In early 2015, the building will be demolished. Photo courtesy of MU Archives, c22-14–4.

A lot has changed since Jones Hall was constructed in 1957, most notably that males live in the once female‐only residence hall, and each room is outfitted with a window air‐conditioning unit. What remained the same were the friendships residents developed with hall mates. Jones will be demolished in early 2015 in the first phase of the Dobbs Replacement Project, which includes the construction of two new residence halls and a dining facility; the Pavilion at Dobbs dining facility will remain in operation until the new dining facility opens in August 2017. But for the Jones girls, their memories will last a lifetime.

Mizzou Jones Hall

Jones Hall will be demolished in early 2015 to make way for the Dobbs Replacement Project. Photo courtesy of MU Archives, c22-14–4.

Phyllis Moehle Blankenbaker, BS Ed ’62, MA ’90
Portland, Oregon  |  Retired media director at Rock Bridge High School
“We had room inspections to be sure our beds were made and rooms tidy. If you passed, our housemother would put a sticker on your desk that said you were eligible for an ‘MRS degree.’ ”

Marilyn Green Marcus, BA ’71
Venice, Florida  |  Retired account executive at Maritz
“The fraternity guys would call in bomb scares so all the girls would have to run outside in their robes. After the first time, everybody knew it was a prank, but we’d still have to come out in our pajamas with rollers in our hair and cream on our faces.”

Paula Gerber Donoho, BS ’77
Columbia  |  Information specialist at Ellis Library
“We painted ‘FIGHT TIGER’ on the windows to root on the football players. There were only 10 windows, or we could have written ‘TIGERS.’ ”

Rebecca Jeans Reece, BS Ed ’78
Overland Park, Kansas  |  Teacher in the Shawnee Mission School District
“During finals, Deborah Warshawski [BJ ’77] moved a desk into the elevator and studied all night in there going up and down with the residents. She was the Joan Rivers of Jones Hall.”

Catherine Tyndall Boyd, BJ ’80
Austin, Texas  |  Priest at Trinity Episcopal Church, Marble Falls, Texas
“Our resident adviser was going to get married when the school year ended. Over a period of weeks, we ‘liberated’ several pieces from the Pavilion at Dobbs dining hall so that we could give her a 12‐place dinnerware set as a wedding gift.”

Colleen Geraty Raley, BA ’83
St. Louis  |  Partner at Edward Jones
“The biggest craze at the time was General Hospital. Because Jones was all women, nobody went to class from 2 to 3 p.m. because everyone had to figure out if Luke and Laura would ever get married.”

Elizabeth Leuenberger Orns, BSW ’99, MSW ’00
Columbia  |  Social worker at University Hospital
“One of the community advisers decided to put on a sexual health program for our residents called Sex, Lies and Banana Splits. It was the most well‐attended program we did.”

Jessica Jutte, BHS, MPT ’06
Dallas  |  Physical therapist
“About once a week the elevator would get stuck between floors and girls would be stranded for hours. Even the girls who lived on the ninth floor would take the stairs because it was never guaranteed you’d make it out of the elevator.”