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University of Missouri

Are You Sure You’re a Member?

Guess again.

Todd McCubbin, M Ed ’95

Todd McCubbin, M Ed ’95. Photo by Rob Hill.

As I think about membership in our Mizzou Alumni Association, I typically categorize our alumni in the following three ways:

Members first. At 44,000 strong, they invest in Mizzou when they pay dues, life or annual. Thank you!

We also have two types of “future members.”

Some of these alumni form a small and generally supportive subgroup that chooses to not join for a variety of reasons. They just aren’t ready to become members.

However, a larger subgroup of future members think they are members because they receive MIZZOU magazine, @Mizzou electronic newsletter and invitations to local alumni events. They love Mizzou and support it in part with a well‐intentioned yet inaccurate belief in their alumni association membership. But they don’t pay dues. I often say that if half of this group actually joined, we would have 60,000 members!

Do you know in which category you fit? Verify your impression by looking at this magazine’s address label. If it reads “member,” I appreciate your commitment. If it says “future member,” I personally invite you to join at

Membership is the best overall way to support everything Mizzou (check out a faculty grant recipient and an association scholarship recipient). I believe our future members want the best for our university as much as anyone. So, future members, what do you say: Are you ready to make Mizzou stronger?