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University of Missouri

Ties to the Alma Mater

Lexi Norris has had multiple connections to Mizzou.

Lexi Norris

Lexi Norris stays connected to MU through the Mizzou Alumni Association. Photo by Rob Hill.

Lexi Norris had ties to Mizzou as far back as eighth grade, when her older sister, Samantha Norris Kinslow, BHS ’99, MHA ’05, was an MU freshman. Politically active and perennially involved in activities, Lexi, BA ’03, JD ’06, joined the Mizzou Alumni Association Student Board (AASB) during her undergraduate years as a political science major. She also married an MU graduate, Nathaniel Dulle, BS BA ’01, JD ’04. Norris, a commercial real estate attorney with Polsinelli in Kansas City, Missouri, has continued her involvement with MU in several ways, primarily through the association. “I loved my Mizzou experience. There are so many groups where you can get involved and find yourself. I stay involved because I’m such a believer in higher education.”

Student Leader

During one of Norris’ three years on AASB, she was vice president for external relations. Her main role was to help orchestrate Senior Sendoff, an association event for graduating seniors, in cooperation with various campus organizations. She worked on logistics, publicity, soliciting student volunteers and providing refreshments.

Mentoring Women

While in law school, Norris became a student member of the Griffiths Leadership Society for Women. The society provides professional development programming and alumnae volunteers to mentor students. Four years after graduating from law school, she rejoined as a mentor and eventually chaired the group during 2013–14.

Leading Alumni in Kansas City

Upon landing a job at a law firm in Kansas City, Norris joined the Kansas City Alumni Chapter and soon entered the leadership succession that in a few years will make her president of the group. “The best thing we do is raise money for scholarships for local students,” she says. “It’s exciting to see the sorts of things they might do in college. Many of them join the AASB and become student leaders.”

National Board

Norris is part of the association’s Governing Board as a representative of large Missouri chapters. The group advises the association on big‐picture issues, such as long‐range planning and budget. “I’m fascinated by the different experiences of alumni from all over who come to Columbia three times a year for board meetings,” Norris says.