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University of Missouri

Alumni Bookshelf

Check out new books by alumni.

Writing Blue Highways: The Story of How a Book Happened
by William Least Heat‐Moon, BA ’61, MA ’62, PhD ’73, BJ ’78 (University of Missouri Press, 2014)

The Partisan Divide: Congress in Crisis
by Martin Frost, BA, BJ ’64; Tom Davis; and Richard Cohen (FastPencil Premiere, 2014)

A Plot for Pridemore: A Novel
by Stephen Roth, BJ ’93 (Mercer University Press, 2014)

A Plan for Life: The 21st Century Guide to Success in Wealth, Health, Career, Education, Love, Place … and You!
by Eric C. Wentworth, BJ ’69 (Charles Stephen Publishing, 2014)

Your Friend, As Ever, A. Lincoln
by Donald Allendorf, BJ ’56 (Pelican Publishing, 2014)

The Adventure of the Laughing Fisherman
by Jeffery Deaver, BJ ’72, from In the Company of Sherlock Holmes (Pegasus, 2014)

Times Beach
by John Shoptaw, BS ’72, BA ’79, (University of Notre Dame Press, 2015)

Everyone Dies in the End … and I Alone Escaped to Tell You
by Brian Katcher, BS Ed ’97, MA ’04 (Crossroad Press, 2014)

Between These Walls: A Novel
by John Herrick, BS BA ’95 (Segue Blue, 2015)

Reporting on Life — and People Along the Way
by Taylor Pensoneau, BJ ’62 (Downstate Publications, 2014)

Bush League Boys: The Postwar Legends of Baseball in the American Southwest
by Toby Smith, BJ ’68 (University of New Mexico Press, 2014)

South Side Girls: Growing Up in the Great Migration
by Marcia Chatelain, BA, BJ ’01 (Duke University Press, 2015)

Lifeguard, Babysitter, Executioner: A Real‐world Guide to Hiring, Firing and Building a Winning Workforce
by Daren Fristoe, BA ’85, and Julia McKee (River Grove Books, 2014)

This Old World
by Steve Wiegenstein, BJ ’76, MA ’82, PhD ’87 (Blank Slate Press, 2014)

by Rick Skwiot, MA ’92 (Blank Slate Press, 2014)

Saving Lincoln
by Robert Kresge, BJ ’68, (ABQ Press, 2013)

You Are My Voice: How Love’s Voice Never Dies
by Lisa Kolias Cooper, BJ ’84 (Big Chair Publishing, 2014)

Show Me the Gold
by Carolyn Mulford, MA ’62 (Five Star, 2015)

Echoes From An Unexamined Life
by Steve Sagarra, BA ’95 (Sagarra, 2014)

Louisiana and the Gulf South Frontier 1500–1821
by F. Todd Smith, BA ’79 (Louisiana State University Press, 2014)

Homing Instincts/Querencias
by Nancy Morejon translated by Pamela Carmell, BS Ed ’72, MA ’77 (Cubanabooks, 2014)

Our Glorious Ancestors: A Fountain of My Life’s Story
by Brij Behari Khare, MA ’63, PhD ’69 (CreateSpace, 2012)

Crossfire Christmas: The Precinct
by Julie Miller, BS Ed ’84 (Harlequin Intrigue, 2014)

Six Doors to the Seventh Dimension
by Timothy Carson; Genevieve Howard, M Ed ’08; and Jenny McGee (Wipf and Stock, 2014)

Getting Real About Race, Hoodies, Mascots, Model Minorities and Other Conversations
edited by Stephanie McClure, BJ ’98, and Cherise Harris (Sage, 2015)

Franz Kafka: A Hunger Artist and Other Stories
translated by Thor Polson, MA ’86 (Guernica, 2014)

At Home in the World: Travel Stories of Growing Up and Growing Away
by Rhonda Wiley‐Jones, M Ed ’80 (CreateSpace, 2014)

The Horse Rescuers
by Patricia Gilkerson, BS Ed ’69, M Ed ’70 (Fire and Ice, 2014)

Caucus Chaos
by Dave Price, MA ’99 (CreateSpace, 2014)

No Ordinary Life: Memoir of a World War II Bombardier
by Sue Johnpeter, BJ ’77 (CreateSpace, 2014)
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by Margery Neely, M Ed ’68, PhD ’71 (AuthorHouse, 2014)

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