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University of Missouri

I‐70 Serious

The 1985 World Series was a unique event at Mizzou.

Mizzou 1985 Cardinals vs Royals

Jim Deutschmann, left, and roommate Shawn Link were avid baseball fans in 1985 on Mizzou’s campus. Photo by Hank Young.

When Kansas City and St. Louis met in the 1985 “I‐70 Series,” Jim Deutschmann, a Cardinals fan from Kirkwood, Missouri, and Shawn Link, a Royals fan from Independence, Missouri, were seniors, good friends and Pi Kappa Phi roomies on the corner of Providence Road and Rollins Street.

The house no longer stands, but not because it once was divided against itself. (The fraternity is now at 908 Curtis Ave.)

It got to be August and both teams were doing well, so I kept a magic number count for both teams on a bulletin board,” says Deutschmann, BA ’86, now a chemotherapy nurse in St. Louis. “When the World Series started [in October], I took some Scotch tape, divided the room and told Shawn, ‘OK, all your stuff stays on that side.’ ”

As fraternity brothers are wont to do, they began one‐upping each other. The line ultimately extended through the house, out the front door and down the concrete walkway via paint roller. The other baseball‐crazed roommates picked sides and played along.

When Sports Illustrated caught wind of the bisected domicile, the students were immortalized in the photograph above. Soon, CBS Morning News paid a visit.

We built makeshift bleachers in our front yard and put the TV on the porch,” says Link, BS BA ’86, now a resource center specialist at American Century Investments in Kansas City, Missouri. “We all watched the games together and, of course, traded good‐natured jabs.”