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University of Missouri

Mizzou’s Main Drag

Mizzou’s main pedestrian thoroughfare was a revelation.

Mizzou's Lowry Mall in 1958

Lowry Mall was a through street on MU’s campus in 1958. Photo by Francis Curtis Bond.

Ellis Library

Ellis Library was built in 1915. Photo by Rob Hill.

With 35,000-plus MU students walking every direction on a given spring day, it’s hard to imagine a time when cars casually carved through campus. Truth is, it wasn’t all that long ago that Hitt Street, Conley Avenue, Lowry Street and Ninth Street were uninterrupted CoMo thoroughfares. Dedicated Oct. 26, 1984, Lowry Mall serves as Mizzou’s perambulatory polestar. As early as the 1960s, student leaders proposed closing Lowry Street for a multipurpose pedestrian area connecting Red Campus and White Campus. Now the space is home to concerts, protests, poster sales, multicultural festivals, farmers markets and fundraisers nearly year‐round.

Pedestrian Crossing

Formerly the Missouri Bookstore, the Student Success Center provides a variety of services to students traversing campus, including résumé and career assistance, and tutoring. For more than 30 years, the building’s basement housed a McDonald’s, which closed in 2011. University Club Catering Services currently occupies the space.

Lowry Mall fountain and sculpture

John Brough Miller’s sculpture Yielding Spire sits on the west end of Lowry Mall. Photo by Rob Hill.

School Zone

Named after Elmer Ellis, MU’s 14th president, who served from 1955 to 1966, Ellis Library is celebrating its centennial throughout the 2015–16 academic year. Ellis Library and eight specialized branch libraries across campus hold more than 3.9 million volumes, 7.5 million microforms, 1 million e‐books and 53,000 journal subscriptions.


Installed in summer 1984 south of Lowry Hall, John Brough Miller’s Yielding Spire is a 2‐ton vertical sculpture made of steel designed to form a protective coating of rust. Northeast of Ellis Library sits Dennis Chegwidden’s Inert Stabile made of stainless steel. The Lowry Mall Fountain, which features a running waterfall during warmer months, displays plaques commemorating the mall’s dedication.