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University of Missouri

Mizzou Near You

Wherever you live in the United States, Mizzou alumni and staff are not far away.

map of alumni in USA

Nationwide, Mizzou graduates are nearby. Infographic by Blake Dinsdale. Click to enlarge.

Most Mizzou graduates live near other Tigers, including other alumni and representatives of the university. Of the 296,357 Mizzou alumni households nationwide, 153,824 are in or near Missouri, including 59,900 in the St. Louis area; 29,426 in the Kansas City area; and 29,843 in central Missouri.

The 5,135 members of the Mizzou Alumni Association’s Mizzou Legislative Network in Missouri (3,726) and beyond (1,409) contact their legislators about issues of interest to the university.

Fourteen student recruiters represent Mizzou across 14 regions nationwide. Seven are based in Columbia.

104 in 41
Through the Mizzou Alumni Association, graduates organize events for 104 chapters in 41 states.

Mizzou graduates serve not only in Missouri’s legislature (36) but also in the U.S. Congress (8). More: