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University of Missouri

Letter to Readers

The Mizzou administration on the current issue and recent events.

Dear MIZZOU Magazine readers,

As you receive this issue of the magazine, Mizzou is making news across the country. As the producers of a quarterly magazine, we are beholden to a production schedule, so the magazine you are receiving at home does not reflect the events unfolding on campus and the leadership changes taking place.

The message woven throughout this issue of the magazine resonates even more strongly: Mizzou needs you. As we move forward, we need the support of all Tigers to make meaningful change, to implement new plans and to build a stronger, more inclusive, more powerful university.

For current updates from Mizzou’s leadership and information about events on campus, we have created a special web page. Please visit it frequently, and look for more news about this historic time in our history in the next issue.

With Tiger Spirit,
Mizzou Administration