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University of Missouri

How Alumni Can Help Mizzou

Todd McCubbin, executive director of the Mizzou Alumni Association, offers Tigers some tips on moving Mizzou forward.

aerial shot of MU campus

Visiting Mizzou’s beautiful campus is one way alumni can help support the university.

The events of last fall have prompted many in the Mizzou family to ask what they can do to make the university stronger and more inclusive. “For starters,” says Todd McCubbin, executive director of the Mizzou Alumni Association, “I encourage everyone to read Pages 17–33 of this issue of MIZZOU magazine, which describe the many issues and complexities MU is currently facing.” Even in these extraordinary times, he says, the basics of how alumni can help Mizzou remain the same.

Here are a few more of McCubbin’s ideas and hopes for alumni involvement. “With more than 300,000 graduates worldwide, when alumni do any of these things regularly, Mizzou grows stronger.”

Send Us Great Students
Alumni form a great sales force. Sharing your Mizzou experience with potential students and encouraging them to schedule a campus visit can be powerful, McCubbin says. “I can’t tell you how many times I hear students mention a conversation they had with an alumnus and how it affected their decision to look at Mizzou. We really believe that once they visit our campus, we have an excellent shot of making them Tigers!”

Come Back to Campus
Alumni love to return to Columbia and see what’s new. Homecoming is a prime example. “When I encourage alumni to come back, I suggest they walk around campus, talk to students and faculty, and visit familiar and new spaces. When alumni see how campus has evolved, they often leave energized by what they find.”

Advocate for (and to) Mizzou
Tell Mizzou’s story, and tell us what you think. “Yes, we’ve been through a rough patch, but MU has countless pride points to share. Whether you are recruiting students, influencing legislators or engaging other alumni, be an ambassador for the university. As alumni, you also have a stake in letting the university know when it can improve. We are blessed with a wonderful, robust base of alumni who are passionate about Mizzou, and we are listening.”

To learn more ways alumni can help Mizzou, visit MizzouForward.