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University of Missouri

Moving Mizzou Forward

A letter to alumni from MAA Executive Director Todd McCubbin.

Jesse Hall obscured by branches

Photo by Nicholas Benner.

As we think back on the campus protests, resignations and other politically charged moments of this past November, I want alumni to know that I appreciate their calls, letters and emails. Our team at the Mizzou Alumni Association heard from many who told us of their concern, disappointment, anger and hope for the future. We shared your thoughts with campus leaders.

Events unfolded rapidly, media descended, and it quickly became clear that it was difficult for alumni to understand exactly what was going on at Mizzou. The headlines, images and news seemed contrary to their experience on campus. The situation put our alumni in a difficult position.

A great joy of my job is listening as alumni share their Mizzou experience and wax nostalgic about their time on campus. This fall, however, it struck me that we must work harder to make the Mizzou experience positive for all our students. I realized that it’s not sunny and 75 degrees on Francis Quadrangle every day. We aren’t perfect. Although the same could be said of any institution, business or organization, that can’t be an excuse to continue down the same path. I hope this issue of MIZZOU informs readers on a range of pressing issues and lays out how the university plans to move ahead.

To those of you who reached out, please know we heard you — last fall’s events struck a deep chord with alumni because so many of us love Mizzou so much. As an association, we are the voice of alumni. We will include your sentiment as we work with campus leaders to build a Mizzou experience that matches the passion and expectations appropriate to our alma mater.

As I write this there are concerns about enrollment and state legislative appropriations. It only stands to reason that questions need to be asked and answered just as with many of you who reached out to us. We have a lot of hard work ahead, and for our students, alumni and the State of Missouri, we have no choice but to succeed.

Todd McCubbin, M Ed ’95

executive director, Mizzou Alumni Association
Twitter: @MizzouTodd