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University of Missouri

Alumni Bookshelf

Fill your summer reading list with new books by Tigers.

Hangman’s Game: A Nick Gallow Mystery
by Bill Syken, MA ’93 (Minotaur Books, 2015)

Bountiful Bonsai: Create Instant Indoor Container Gardens
by Richard W. Bender, BS FW ’75 (Tuttle, 2015)

The Dog Merchant: Inside the Big Business of Breeders, Pet Stores, and Rescuers
by Kim Kavin, BJ ’94 (Pegasus, 2016)

Family Resemblances
by Carrie Shipers, BA ’00, MA ’02 (University of New Mexico Press, 2016)

Welcome to Happy‐Land
by Tom Kiske, BA ’67 (, 2015)

Hospitality and Authoring, An Essay for the English Profession
by Richard Haswell, BA ’61, PhD ’67, and Janis Haswell (Utah State University Press, 2015)

House on October Hill
by Leighton McCormick, BJ ’69 (AuthorHouse, 2015)

Ethical Wills: Words from the Jewish Heart
by Eric Weiner, MSW ’79 (Eric Weiner, 2015)

Mr. Green Jeans
by Chris McGee, M Ed ’94 (Harvard Square Editions, 2016)

Words Matter: Writing to Make a Difference
edited by Amanda Dahling, BJ ’05, and Mary Kay Blakely (University of Missouri Press, 2016)

The Protocols of Uma (The Journeyers’ Tale Book 1)
by John Brage, JD ’93 (Castle Top, 2015)

If you wish to be considered for coverage, please mail a copy of your book published in 2016 or scheduled for 2017 to Dale Smith, associate editor, MIZZOU magazine, 201 S. Seventh St., Suite 200, Columbia, MO 65211.