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University of Missouri

Halting Hunger

Students organize summit to discuss hunger.

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More than 300 students from around the country — and some from around the world — visited Mizzou in February for the annual World Hunger Summit.

The conference, founded by Auburn University students, is a student‐organized and student‐run event designed to spark conversations on college campuses about hunger. Speakers included hunger researchers and policy advocates from across the United States.

There are lots of different personalities when it comes to fighting hunger — different ways to do it, what that looks like, the words we use,” says Anne Cafer, an MU doctoral student in rural sociology and one of three organizers of the event. Conferences such as this one, she says, draw together people who otherwise would be working separately, building the collaborations needed to tackle such a massive challenge.

The networking opportunities included a poster session where graduate students presented their work, giving undergraduates a sense of the range of research possibilities in the field and connecting presenters with potential mentors and employers.

Everyone had really good feedback,” Cafer says. “They were really pumped up and excited to get back to their campuses.”