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University of Missouri

Zoo Logic

Using the Vet‐Med bone collection, first‐year students in Mizzou’s gross anatomy lab study animals inside and out.

mountain lion skeleton

Mountain lion (Felis concolor)

Each year in the basement of the Veterinary Medicine Building, 120 first‐year students gather in the gross anatomy lab to learn, inside and out, the four animals most often seen by practicing veterinarians: dog, cat, horse and ox. Animal skeletons in the lab serve as a visual tool to help vet‐med students as they learn to identify the bones and muscle attachments of the four core animals, as well as those of select reptiles, chickens and pigs. The college houses a collection of more than 1,000 bones students can study as they complete their first‐year anatomy requirements. Some have been at Mizzou since the Vet School opened in 1946.