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University of Missouri

CoMo Outdoors: Tigers in the Wild

MIZZOU’s guide to Columbia’s parks, patios and festivals


here’s nothing quite like Columbia summer at twilight. The air thickens with humidity and teems with possibility. We hear the songs of amorous tree frogs, downtown street‐corner crooners or touring festival bands belting melodies into the night. We sample s’mores cooked over a campsite fire, gourmet tapas purveyed on a rooftop patio or specialty fare served through a food truck window.

Whether your summer scene is a festival, a patio, a trail or a park, CoMo has you (un)covered. With so much wild life afoot in the open air, you might never want to go inside.

Hit the Decks

Columbia’s coolest patios, rooftops and sidewalk cafés »

diners on patio

Hit the Trails

Gorgeous parks and trails are CoMo’s calling card »

MKT trail cutline here. Photo by Nicholas Benner.

Hit the Dance Floor

A guide to some of Columbia’s best celebrations, festivals and parties »

guitarist performing