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University of Missouri

A Celebration of Different Stripes

Meet the leaders bringing Tigers together for the 105th Homecoming

Just weeks after Homecoming 2015 ended, the Mizzou Alumni Association chose three students to take the helm of the 2016 Homecoming Steering Committee. Together, these tri‐directors, all Missourians, have led 35 student volunteers in planning what they hope is the most inclusive Homecoming campus has seen. Knowing their peers and alumni love to reminisce about the good old days, the committee thought the theme “A Tail of Tradition” would bridge the gaps among Mizzou generations, encouraging all Tigers to come together and show their stripes.



Elle Miller

California, Missouri
Committees: Parade, Traditions, Merchandise and Special Events

Why Mizzou: I have grown up loving the University of Missouri. I have attended basketball camps and sporting events since I was young and always knew Mizzou would become my home.

Favorite HoCo memory: Attending the parade nearly every year. When I was little, the parade meant seeing cool floats and receiving candy, but as I grew older, I saw the parade as a display of what Mizzou would become to me as a student and alumna.

Hardest part about planning HoCo: Being one step ahead. There are a lot of moving parts, so staying on top of everything can be challenging.

Favorite Mizzou memory: Going to Pensacola, Florida, to play in the National Co‐Rec Flag Football tournament my sophomore year. That trip is what inspired me to establish a women’s team. So, I formed the team, and with the help of Joe Sloan, the senior rec sports coordinator, we attended the regional tournament at the University of Nebraska. We won and were the first women’s flag football team to represent Mizzou at the national tournament.

What I’ll miss most about Mizzou: Everything about our beautiful campus, especially the rec center and rec sports. I have made so many incredible friends.

Guilty pleasure: I eat ice cream every day (although I’m not that “guilty” about it).

Dream job: Pediatric dentist. I love interacting with kids, and for the most part, they love me.

Next vacation destination: Australia, to watch the Australian Open

Inspiration: Lori Henderson, a pediatric dentist in Columbia. I have been a patient of hers since I was a child and she has inspired me to choose dentistry as a career.

Best place to eat in CoMo: Murry’s

Hidden talents: I used to show livestock — pigs and steers.

What I miss most about home: My 10‐year‐old sister, Mari



Katelyn Entzeroth

St. Louis, Missouri
Business administration
Committees: Blood Drive, Public Relations and Talent

Favorite HoCo memory: Spending hours and hours at Hearnes for the 2015 Homecoming Blood Drive. After working on the drive for several months, it was fun to see it all come together and receive support not only from students but also from the Columbia community.

Best class taken at MU: An honors writing‐intensive called Business and Society. We discussed a variety of social and business issues and used the Steve Jobs biography as our textbook. Very insightful and engaging course.

Guilty pleasure: The Office (especially “Threat Level Midnight”)

Dream job: I would love to work on microfinance and economic development at the World Bank someday.

Why tri‐director: Homecoming has the power to bring people together over a common love for Mizzou. I absolutely loved being a member of the committee last year, and I observed many opportunities for growth and change that I wanted to help lead. Not to mention I get to work with our incredible adviser, Aly Friend.

What I’ll miss most about MU: The people. From phenomenal teachers and mentors to my inspiring peers, not a day goes by at MU without my perspective being challenged. There are quite a few world changers at this campus.

Who inspires me: Marianne Lake, CFO of JPMorgan Chase, is a huge source of inspiration. Lake genuinely supports other women in the industry and has led a very impressive career while also raising her children single‐handedly. She makes me believe anything is possible.

Celeb I’d love to spend the day with: Barack Obama. I would just love to pick the brain of the President of the United States.

Proudest MU moment: Standing on Jesse’s stage on Tap Day next to some of the coolest, most impressive people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.

What I miss most about home: Family. I have 13 nieces and nephews, and I wish I could spend more time with them.



Ryan Eisenbath

Silex, Missouri
Committees: Campus Decorations, Service and Campus Outreach

Why Mizzou: There was never a doubt in my mind that I would be a Tiger. My two older brothers attended Mizzou, and I fell in love with it at an early age. I knew Mizzou offered the large university opportunities that I sought while also offering the tradition and family atmosphere that could make Columbia my home away from home.

Hardest part about planning HoCo: Finding the balance between the interests and wants of current students, faculty and alumni.

Favorite HoCo memory: Walking on the field with the rest of the Homecoming Steering Committee

Favorite Mizzou memory: Rushing the field at the conclusion of the football game against Texas A&M my freshman year

Best class taken at MU: Thanks to a great professor, Chris Prestigiacomo, my Accounting 2 class convinced me to change my major to accounting.

Proudest MU moment: When I learned that I got tri‐director

Go‐to study spot on campus:  I like to bounce between Ellis Library, the Student Center and Reynolds Alumni Center during test weeks.

Dream job: General manager of the St. Louis Cardinals

Post grad plans: Earn a CPA and work for a public accounting firm

Next vacation destination: Australia. One cannot go through life without holding a koala.

Who inspires me: Anyone with great work ethic, so I’m often inspired by my colleagues, professors and parents.

Best place to eat in CoMo: CC’s City Broiler