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University of Missouri

Don’t Stop the Presses

MIZZOU magazine editor Karen Pojmann reflects on The Maneater and MIZZOU.

pile of publications

Recent and vintage issues of the Maneater and MIZZOU.

Mizzou publications and I go way back. My first week as a freshman, I found my way to the basement of Brady Commons and the semester’s inaugural Maneater meeting, a tone‐setting decision. I spent the next two years in those windowless, stained‐carpeted offices, toiling over crash‐prone Apples, penning Mountain Dew‐fueled headlines at 2 a.m., sloppily wielding a pica pole over an actual paste‐up board and taking Mortal Kombat breaks in the Brady arcade. It was there I found a love for telling Tigers’ stories. It was there I met the coolest people I know. It was there I learned, sometimes through missteps, balance between creative risk‐taking and quality control. Our efforts and sleep deprivation were rewarded one wild weekend in Joplin, when the Missouri College Newspaper Association named us publication of the year. We danced to our Hall & Oates anthem and, characteristically, stayed up all night.

After graduation and before social media ubiquity, what kept me connected to MU was MIZZOU magazine, which followed me with each move, city to city, beckoning me, successfully, home. Our Mizzou Creative offices are a far cry from the Brady basement; none of our surfaces are sticky, and we have windows. But some things haven’t changed. I again work with fiercely talented, kind‐hearted, quick‐witted people, who just won a bunch of industry awards. We still tell Mizzou’s story — now through multitudinous channels: websites, social media, videos, podcasts. So does The Maneater, with, it should be noted, extraordinary skill and integrity (killed it last year).

Both publications, facing tight budgets, have cut back on print production, The Maneater to one print issue per week, MIZZOU to three per year, while buoying digital communications. We all understand, though, the value of a tangible publication readers can physically collect from a campus rack or a mailbox, and we want to keep providing that experience. We also understand the importance of communicating accurately and consistently with as many Tigers as possible. Alumni can help. Stay connected through social media (@mizzou) and websites ( Tell Mizzou’s story. Join the Mizzou Alumni Association. Stay in touch. Give. And, always, make your voice heard — even in the form of a roar.