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University of Missouri

For the Love of the Cosmos

Mizzou student merges her two passions to create out‐of‐this‐world jewelry.

Bea Doheny portrait

Student Bea Doheny founded the space‐theme jewelry business AstronoBEAds. Courtesy Bea Doheny.

Junior business major Bea Doheny has always loved the solar system. With a keen eye for fashion and a passion for arts and crafts, she took to the streets of St. Louis last year in search of space beads. “I went on a planet hunt, if you will,” she says. “When I found the perfect ones, I made bracelets for all my friends graduating from high school. I told them ‘When you look down at your wrist, remember you are out of this world!’ ”

This year she was inspired to share her love with her fellow earthlings. On April 22, she launched AstronoBEAds, a jewelry business with a space theme. Her catalog consists of four products: the solar system bracelet; the pale blue dot necklace; the earth, moon and sun friendship bracelet set; and the Pluto choker.

Already Doheny has shipped hundreds of stellar accessories all over the world and has participated in three pitch presentations with One Million Cups, a national program for entrepreneurs. She hopes eventually to make enough profit to support organizations that address climate change, world hunger and space exploration. Keep up with AstronoBEAds in social media at @astronobeads.