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University of Missouri

Section: Around the Columns

Tiger Place retirement home. Story for illumination fall 2006

Be Well — Work Forever

Research shows retirees’ health suffers after first leaving the workforce.

pile of cigarette butts

No Doctors, Mo’ Problems

MU medical school pursues Springfield expansion.

mizzou piggy bank

Endowment 101

Endowments have benefitted MU students, faculty, facilities and programs since 1888.


M-I-Z, Zoo

Mizzou partners with Missouri zoos to support our endangered mascot.


Focusing on Autism Spectrum Disorder

MU researchers study children's pupils to detect autism earlier.

stone monument to Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity


The Divine Nine stand outside the Gaines/Oldham Black Culture Center.

map of missouri

Care for Missouri

MU is the No. 1 educator of Missouri physicians.

Megan Johnson and toddler daughter play doctor

Future Dr. Mom

A med student mother of two navigates domestic and academic responsibilities.

three male students

Three Pamphleteers

Three students garner the Geyer Award, one of the Mizzou Alumni Association’s highest honors.

exterior of Beta Theta Pi house

Greek Town Gets a Facelift

Beta Theta Pi’s new digs.

dead tree

Campus Trees Lost to Drought

MU to plant 150 new trees by 2014.

man at podium

Altruistic Giving

A couple with no formal connections to MU gives $1.3 million for medical research.

ribbon cutting

School of Medicine Receives Largest Grant

MU uses IT to make health care better, cheaper and more personal.

man holding up tiny battery

Building a Better Battery

Nuclear batteries offer promise for providing reliable, long-lasting power.

african-american female student at desk with books

Top of the Game

Another record-breaking enrollment for MU.


Gold-plated Scholarships

Alumni show pride on their ride.

illustration of prehistoric crocodile

Identifying Crocodiles

MU researcher identifies prehistoric crocodile species.

Rick McGuire

The Cost of Winning

A new degree program and book teach positive coaching.

man on mountain bike

Finding Another Gear

Cancer survivor Dan Miller races toward a dual doctorate in medicine and pathobiology.

girl playing soccer

Kicking It Old School

The Mizzou soccer team makes noise in the SEC.

Food basket

Too Much, Too Little, Just Right

Mizzou works to conserve food and feed the hungry.

Amanda Zerkel examines Dianne Fields’ English setter

Brainsight Helps MU Doctors Save Dogs, Cats

MU is one of three U.S. universities using Brainsight MRI technology for veterinary patients.

Tianyu Liu from China practices her agility during a football drill with coaching from  former Tigers wide receiver Brad Ekwerekwu. MU students from every continent but Antarctica attended Mizzou football’s International Student Day to learn about the popular American sport April 28. Photo by Rachel Coward.

Students of the Game

Mizzou football's International Student Day attracts about 120 students from all continents but Antarctica.

The MU-KU Border Showdown will continue in lacrosse, hockey and a number of other club sports in 2012–13.

Border Showdown Continues

The MU-KU Border Showdown continues in club sports.

Euclid Williamson received an honorary degree in May 2012. Photo by Rob Hill.

Target: Graduation

Target H.O.P.E. founder Euclid Williamson helps send 4,000 minority students to college.

Ines Segert. Photo by Nicholas Benner.

Teaching to Learn

Psychology Professor Ines Segert wins a 2012 William T. Kemper Fellowship Award.

John Cummins

Mizzou MedPride

John Cummins develops student group Mizzou MedPride to raise awareness of LGBTQ health issues.

Photo courtesy of Mizzou’s Concrete Canoe Team.

What's Concrete But Floats Like a Boat?

The Mizzou Concrete Canoe Team builds a 215-pound canoe. It floats — barely.

Bullet train.

Where Doping is Legal

MU Research Reactor scientist John Farmer is shaping silicon's role in electronics.

Laura King

Being Cheerful Makes Sense

Psychologist Laura King studies what people think meaning is and how they come by it.

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