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University of Missouri

Mizzou Advantage


2015 Homecoming and Campaign Kickoff Events

Use this guide to plan your CoMo trip

Shibu Jose

Brewing Biofuel Innovation

MU professors form a startup to pursue a potential biofuel breakthrough.


Billboard Blowout

Anne Thompson turns billboards into artwork in I-70 Sign Show.

Jeffrey Bryan

All in the Family

The discovery of ‘microchimerism’ in dogs could lead to better understanding of disease in humans.

persian kitten

Kitty Catch-up

Dogs have been man’s best research pet, but a new MU professor is helping cats catch up.


Pet Detective

MU’s College of Veterinary Medicine is making a name for itself in translational genomic research.

Mizzou food waste study

Greener Garbage

Professors explore the financial and environmental costs of campus food waste.

MU Extension historical tractor

MU Extension Celebrates 100 Years

Smith-Lever Act established Cooperative Extension Service in 1914.

Safe Trek app screenshots

Failing Forward

MU students turn class competition into life lesson.


Parks and Reputation

Mizzou Advantage helps attract top nutrition professor.

David Mehr

MU Creates Center for Patient-centered Research

Announces $4.5 million federal research grant.


Daisey the Amazing Choco-pup

Meet a resilient Labrador treated at MU’s College of Veterinary Medicine.

Jeffrey Bryan

Guide Dogs

Researchers are comparing the similarities between men and male dogs when it comes to prostate cancer.


What is Healthy Food?

Five MU experts tackle a simple, yet surprisingly nettlesome question.

Janet Farmer

MU to Host Childhood Obesity Symposium

Multiple factors contribute to obesity.

Bradford Farm

Some is Good, More is Better

Mizzou helps low-income Missourians eat more healthfully.

MU wind turbine

A (Little) Windy City

MU installs wind turbine to further Climate Action Plan.

Wagon tour of Bradford Research and Extension Center

Field of Dreams

Bradford Research Center holds field day, teaches visitors about organic farming.


Eyes in the Skies

Small, radio-controlled helicopters are officially part of the reporting toolkit at MU.

Cottrell and Kay Fox

Spaniel Spurs $5 Million Cancer Research Gift

Major gifts to MU fund cancer research, scholarships.

ACL research

More Than Fun and Games

Dr. Aaron Gray hopes to use video game technology to prevent ACL injuries.


The Future is Now

The Reynolds Journalism Institute is shaping how journalists deliver news.


Heal Early, Heal Often

Marilyn Rantz keeps elders healthy.

Enterprise gift announcement

A Green Day for Mizzou

Enterprise gives unrestricted gift of $2 million to MU.


Charley, Charley, Grow the Barley

Off-season biofuel crops, such as winter barley, don’t hurt food prices.

BIFAD panel

Working Together at Mizzou

Mizzou faculty present interdisciplinary efforts.

Shibu Jose in a field of switchgrass

The Future of Food vs. Fuel

MU experts examine the food security trade-offs of biofuel.

Dong Xu

Yo Soy Información

MU’s soybean database is a resource for scientists around the world.

Doug Randall

Nurturing Collaboration

Working together at Mizzou goes way back.


Feed the World

Agriculture faculty blanket Missouri with research and services.

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