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University of Missouri

Agriculture and the Environment


Hope Springs

Super Bowl commercial’s star foal lives up the road.


Help in the Heartland

When disabilities happen, the Missouri AgrAbility Project helps farmers stay productive.


If Trees Could Talk

MU researchers use tree rings to look back in time.

Enterprise gift announcement

A Green Day for Mizzou

Enterprise gives unrestricted gift of $2 million to MU.

Susan Lueker

Dinner and Drinks

Alumna and Simi Winery winemaker hosts dinner at UClub.


Charley, Charley, Grow the Barley

Off-season biofuel crops, such as winter barley, don’t hurt food prices.

BIFAD panel

BIFAD Challenged to Get Research to Farms

Agricultural development panelists issue challenge to U.S. researchers.

BIFAD panel

Working Together at Mizzou

Mizzou faculty present interdisciplinary efforts.

Chancellor Brady J. Deaton, BIFAD chair, presents an Outstanding Leadership Award from the U.S. Agency for International Development and the Association of Public and Land-grant Universities to Bill DeLauder. Photo by Shane Epping.

Around the World in 30 Minutes

BIFAD members report back from developing nations.

taro root

Mentoring the World

MU trains dozens of agricultural scientists a year from around the world.

Charles Campbell at the Mara Serna Lodge in Kenya

Planting Science

Charles E. Campbell helped turn Kenya’s farm research center into the envy of the region.

Shibu Jose in a field of switchgrass

The Future of Food vs. Fuel

MU experts examine the food security trade-offs of biofuel.

Dong Xu

Yo Soy Información

MU’s soybean database is a resource for scientists around the world.



Breeding the soybeans of tomorrow.


Invasive Emerald Ash Borer Threatens Missouri's Trees

The emerald ash borer makes inroads into Kansas City.


Sensing Pollution From the Air

MU researchers use military technology to monitor ground pollution.


Growing, Together

MU researchers hope their model of cooperation can help feed the world.

David Curtis fording a river

His Own Drumbeat

David Curtis hikes to support scholarships.


Serving the Land

MU alumnus takes education abroad and revolutionizes industry.

a man walks between 75-foot-tall boilers

MU Fires Up Biomass Boiler

The long-awaited boiler will use sustainably sourced biomass.

buffet line

Chicken of the Soy

Columbia leaders sample soy-based chicken strips created by MU researchers.


Bock Soy

Soy-based chicken invented by MU scientists to roll out nationwide.

dead tree

Campus Trees Lost to Drought

MU to plant 150 new trees by 2014.

oil sand seam

Economy Size

Alumnus Peter Essick tackles environmental issues through photography.


Top Dog at the Horse Stables

Kent Allen has been the top horse official at two Olympic games.

Shibu Jose

Energy Crops Find Funding

MU research team receives $5.4 million grant to study biofuel.

home exterior

A Home of Scraps

Quint Newcomer, BA ’89, builds the first LEED-certified home in Athens, Ga.

Food basket

Too Much, Too Little, Just Right

Mizzou works to conserve food and feed the hungry.

Greenhouse at night

Glass Rules

The Ernie and Lottie Sears Plant Growth Facility houses the research of 22 scientists.

Norton grapes growing in Missouri

Through the Grapevine

Missouri's grape and wine industry is an economics engine.

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