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University of Missouri

Medicine, Nursing, Health Professions and Veterinary Medicine

Rhonda Miller, Sinclair School of Nursing

Applying Herself

Nursing grad Rhonda Miller supports underrepresented students.


Missions Accomplished

Mizzou med students provide more than medical care on medical mission trip.

Ellis Fischel MD Anderson Partnership announcement

Ellis Fischel Joins Leading Cancer Network

MD Anderson affiliation gives access to cancer leader.

Barbara Stampfli-Savill and Gary Savill

Generous Estate

St. Louis couple makes $2.5 million estate gift for College of Veterinary Medicine scholarships.

brown recluse

Once Bitten — or Not?

Rapid spider bite tests can speed doctors in correctly diagnosing unusual skin lesions.

Maithe Enriquez

Peers Keep It Real

Nursing professor develops peer-led intervention for individuals with HIV.

Ahmed Sherif El-Gizawy and Raja Gopaldas

Safety Valve

Researchers reduce the risk of a life-extending surgical procedure.

cow squeezer

Funds Benefit Large Animals

New state funding improves large-animal program.


Parks and Reputation

Mizzou Advantage helps attract top nutrition professor.

Kari Lane

Amped-up Research

Nursing professor works to increase hearing aid use among adults with hearing impairments.

Adults in care facilities appreciate social activities. Photo by Rob Hill.

Snog & Grog

Preserving personal identity is key for people with long-term or terminal illnesses.


Residency Shortage Limits Doctor Supply

As medical schools increase enrollments, number of residency spots need to grow.


More Than Bones & Stones

Anthropology faculty explore links between evolution and human behavior.

Clark Fobian

Another Tiger Claims Top Veterinary Post

Clark Fobian is president of the American Veterinary Medical Association.

David Mehr

MU Creates Center for Patient-centered Research

Announces $4.5 million federal research grant.

Emily Doucette

From Haiti to Health Care

MU resident physician receives excellence in education award.

Jessica Myers

Healthy for Life

MU alumna wins young dietitian of the year award.


Daisey the Amazing Choco-pup

Meet a resilient Labrador treated at MU’s College of Veterinary Medicine.

Scott Litofsky

Hump-day Goals

Busy MU doctor makes time for exercise.

Dallas Pineda

Loving the Lab

A sophomore biochemistry major spends time in the lab.

Prenatal Precautions

Undergraduate Matthew Hruska’s research looks at the uterine environment.


Haunted Hypothesis

Undergraduate researchers study fear and stress.


Occupational Assistance

MU professors are helping rural Missourians become therapy assistants.

David Fleming

All About Patients

MU faculty physician to lead American College of Physicians in 2014–15.

Habib Zaghouani

Diabetes Breakthrough

Diabetes researcher discovers how to help insulin-producing cells thrive.

Larry Smarr

Gut-level App

Apps and the future of health care.

Harold Hook

Hooked on Service

Mizzou Alumni Association presents Faculty-Alumni Awards.

Jeffrey Bryan

Guide Dogs

Researchers are comparing the similarities between men and male dogs when it comes to prostate cancer.

Jack and Vicki Stephens

You’re In Good Paws

Vet med alumnus Jack Stephens is a pioneer for pets.


What is Healthy Food?

Five MU experts tackle a simple, yet surprisingly nettlesome question.

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