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University of Missouri


portrait of John Bullion

Professor Hits the Small Screen

History professor’s lecture on Stamp Act to air on C-SPAN3

Tell Me About Truman book cover

The Story Behind the Story

MU professor writes children's book about Mizzou's mascot.


WD-40 to the Rescue

How Shakespeare’s Pizza saved a $30 million press conference.

buffet line

Chicken of the Soy

Columbia leaders sample soy-based chicken strips created by MU researchers.

family portrait

Alumnus Discusses Social Media Responsibility

Darryl Chatman speaks at MU’s Celebration of Teaching.

Exterior of Reynolds Journalism Institute

Reynolds Journalism Institute Receives $30 Million Endowment

Reynolds Foundation guarantees permanent funding for journalism institute.

Four More Years — But Now What?

MU experts analyze what a second Obama term will mean.

Dr. James Stevermer and medical student Amanda Shipp examine an elderly female patient

The Nearest Doctor

Mizzou educates rural students to practice medicine in rural areas.

Mizzou researchers

Early Detection of Lung Cancer

MU scientists receive Coulter funding for lung cancer treatment.

gold nano rods

Gold Nanorods Diagnose Colon Cancer

Nanoparticles tagged with peptides fit like keys into tumor receptors.

Running back Henry Josey during a 2011 Mizzou football game

Nano Knees

Mizzou researchers are using nanotechnology to improve ACL surgery.

John Viator operates a laser light

Shedding Laser Light on the Problem

A new photoacoustic device adds much-needed data to the art of treating burns.

illustration of Dr. Hugh E. Stephenson Jr.

The Doctor Is In

Hugh E. Stephenson Jr. served the university as a student, surgeon, professor and curator.


Lifting Voices

Choral conductor Paul Crabb’s teaching blends music and life.


Bock Soy

Soy-based chicken invented by MU scientists to roll out nationwide.


Focusing on Autism Spectrum Disorder

MU researchers study children's pupils to detect autism earlier.

map of missouri

Care for Missouri

MU is the No. 1 educator of Missouri physicians.

Megan Johnson and toddler daughter play doctor

Future Dr. Mom

A med student mother of two navigates domestic and academic responsibilities.

dead tree

Campus Trees Lost to Drought

MU to plant 150 new trees by 2014.

man at podium

Altruistic Giving

A couple with no formal connections to MU gives $1.3 million for medical research.

ribbon cutting

School of Medicine Receives Largest Grant

MU uses IT to make health care better, cheaper and more personal.

man holding up tiny battery

Building a Better Battery

Nuclear batteries offer promise for providing reliable, long-lasting power.

illustration of prehistoric crocodile

Identifying Crocodiles

MU researcher identifies prehistoric crocodile species.

Rick McGuire

The Cost of Winning

A new degree program and book teach positive coaching.

man on mountain bike

Finding Another Gear

Cancer survivor Dan Miller races toward a dual doctorate in medicine and pathobiology.

old photo of Dr. Hugh Stephenson

Iconic Doctor Has Big Heart

Hugh Stephenson leaves a lasting impact on MU’s School of Medicine.

oil sand seam

Economy Size

Alumnus Peter Essick tackles environmental issues through photography.

Marilyn Rantz

Nursing School Makes MU History

MU’s largest research grant will improve care for older adults.

Bronze statue of Thomas Jefferson

How the Presidency Changed Forever

Sick of the campaign? Blame the 12th Amendment.


Candidates All Over the Map

MU experts score presidential foreign policy debate.

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