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University of Missouri

Sciences and Engineering

Harold Hook

Hooked on Service

Mizzou Alumni Association presents Faculty-Alumni Awards.

Rosalynn and Brad Smith

Team Chemistry

Wife of former Mizzou football standout is a star in her own right.

Susan Zeng

IBM Partnership Yields ‘Big Data’ Class

Computer science department offers a new cutting-edge “big data” analysis class.

Lori Thombs

Choosing Between Two Columbias

Professor Lori Thombs has spent her entire career at South Carolina and Mizzou.

Jack and Vicki Stephens

You’re In Good Paws

Vet med alumnus Jack Stephens is a pioneer for pets.

The Campbell family

Parental Guidance

Alumnus renews Tiger support as parent.

farm-grown shrimp

Show-Me Shrimp

MU developing sustainable seafood production.

Richard McKeever

Starting an Empire

Entrepreneur balances MU classes, other job with running business.

Katie and Brian Thompson

Back Yard Investing

Centennial Investors puts money in Mizzou-based startup companies.

Lindsey Murray

CSI: South Asia

An MU alumna lands a full-ride scholarship to the University of Cambridge.


The Shape of Your Genome

Knowing the genome's 3-D structure could improve diagnosis, treatment.

Gina Ceylan

Teaching How To Teach

A blind PhD student teaches others how to make their classrooms more inclusive.

Alex Madinger

Revolutionary Printing

New graduate starts 3-D printing business.

Joshua Dalton

Finding His Way

The Flagship Scholar Program made Joshua Dalton a Tiger.

Janet Farmer

MU to Host Childhood Obesity Symposium

Multiple factors contribute to obesity.

Emily O'Brien

Next-generation Water Research

An undergraduate researcher is helping to make water safer.

3-D printed objects

Printing a New Dimension

3-D printing at MU is sparking medical and manufacturing breakthroughs.

plasma brush

Fill It Up

Research helps dental fillings last longer.

Boyd O'Dell

Lifelong Research

At age 96, Boyd O'Dell is still researching and publishing.

pill bottle

Second Thoughts on Cholesterol Pill

MU research shows downsides to statins, a class of drugs that reduce cholesterol.

Angela Speck

Helping STEM Branch Out

MU focuses on graduate student training in STEM fields.


Mizzou Strong

Veterans and brothers Sean and Kyle McLafferty have found a home at MU.

Napoleon Chagnon

Big Names Join Anthropology

Napoleon A. Chagnon and Martin Daly hired.

Tim Evans

Excellent Teaching

2013 Kemper Fellowships for Teaching Excellence announced.

Mizzou Crunch

Passing The Bar

Local chocolate maker teaches CAFNR students.

Shramik Sengupta

When Septic Shock is Good

Electricity can diagnose deadly sepsis quickly.

ACL research

More Than Fun and Games

Dr. Aaron Gray hopes to use video game technology to prevent ACL injuries.


If Trees Could Talk

MU researchers use tree rings to look back in time.

Margarita with lime in a margarita glass.

The Young and the Reckless

Immature brains, personalities keep Cinco de Mayo drinking parties a place for the young.

Alison Schwartz

One in a Million

Mizzou ’39 recognizes outstanding seniors.

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