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University of Missouri

Sciences and Engineering

Enterprise gift announcement

A Green Day for Mizzou

Enterprise gives unrestricted gift of $2 million to MU.

Susan Lueker

Dinner and Drinks

Alumna and Simi Winery winemaker hosts dinner at UClub.

Dong Xu

Yo Soy Información

MU’s soybean database is a resource for scientists around the world.


Bacteria vs. Viruses

MU scientists have found a new method to combat deadly “super bugs.”


Sensing Pollution From the Air

MU researchers use military technology to monitor ground pollution.

Desirè Buckley

Once a Tiger, Always a Tiger

Students remain Tigers in graduate school with help from NSF fellowship.


Hear Them Roar

Black women leaders lead the way for others at MU.

Fred Hawthorne

Members of the Academies

Several MU faculty serve the National Academies of Science.

Fred Hawthorne

How Big is Nano?

MU’s renowned cancer researcher knows the next big thing in medicine comes from thinking small.

Marian Minor

Not Done Yet

MU emeriti tell of their careers and passions.

illustration of santa throwing presents down to houses

Plasma Micro-thrusters: Santa’s Little Helpers

MU research could make Santa’s job easier.

a man walks between 75-foot-tall boilers

MU Fires Up Biomass Boiler

The long-awaited boiler will use sustainably sourced biomass.

buffet line

Chicken of the Soy

Columbia leaders sample soy-based chicken strips created by MU researchers.

Mizzou researchers

Early Detection of Lung Cancer

MU scientists receive Coulter funding for lung cancer treatment.

gold nano rods

Gold Nanorods Diagnose Colon Cancer

Nanoparticles tagged with peptides fit like keys into tumor receptors.

Running back Henry Josey during a 2011 Mizzou football game

Nano Knees

Mizzou researchers are using nanotechnology to improve ACL surgery.

John Viator operates a laser light

Shedding Laser Light on the Problem

A new photoacoustic device adds much-needed data to the art of treating burns.


Bock Soy

Soy-based chicken invented by MU scientists to roll out nationwide.


Focusing on Autism Spectrum Disorder

MU researchers study children's pupils to detect autism earlier.

man holding up tiny battery

Building a Better Battery

Nuclear batteries offer promise for providing reliable, long-lasting power.

illustration of prehistoric crocodile

Identifying Crocodiles

MU researcher identifies prehistoric crocodile species.


Students Conduct Hands-on Research

EXPRESS shaped Mariah McClain's college experience.

Mizzou researchers

Reception to Celebrate First Coulter Projects

A $5 million partnership encourages commercialization of biomedical research.

Photo courtesy of Mizzou’s Concrete Canoe Team.

What's Concrete But Floats Like a Boat?

The Mizzou Concrete Canoe Team builds a 215-pound canoe. It floats — barely.

Bullet train.

Where Doping is Legal

MU Research Reactor scientist John Farmer is shaping silicon's role in electronics.


Landing at Mizzou

Former NASA astronauts Linda Godwin and Steven Nagel bring a jet engine to Mizzou.

Robert Benfer

Digging Up the Past

Robert Benfer, professor emeritus of anthroplogy, makes an important archaeological discovery in Peru.

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