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University of Missouri


David Burton

Writing His Chapter on One-room Schools

David Burton preserves Missouri’s one-room schools.

Plowing by Julius Paul Junghanns

The Trouble with Nazi Art

MU professor studies the challenges of categorizing Nazi art.

John Kadlec

That’s Mr. Mizzou

Generations of Tiger fans will remember Mr. Mizzou.

Peter Essick

The Lens of History

Essick captures the portraits of Civil War veterans’ children.

jefferson tombstone mizzou

Jeffersonian Restoration

Mizzou and the Smithsonian Institution restore Jefferson’s marble epitaph.


University’s Uncovered Past

Kansas City alumni chapter will sponsor Mizzou 175 event.

mizzou indoor track 1965

Cinder Fellas

Mizzou celebrates the 50th anniversary of the 1965 national champion indoor track team.

Osmund Overby

Professor Preserved Places

Osmund Overby, who helped preserve MU architecture, died June 1, 2014.


Yearbook ’65

See if you recognize anyone on this page from the 1965 Savitar.

Mizzou Jones Hall

The Jones Girls

Before building is demolished in 2015, former Jones Hall residents reminisce.

Missouri Mules

Missouri Mules and Men

Missouri mule exhibit graces J-School.

Daniel Neuhaus

Recording History

Recent grad helps uncover St. Louis’ past through oral history.


Bookended by Safeties

Football coaches Don Faurot and Gary Pinkel leave their mark at Mizzou.

Don Faurot

Faurot Forever

Don Faurot’s legacy defines Mizzou athletics.

Missouri Mule Team

Mules Rule

The Missouri Mule Team celebrates 30 years in 2014.

P. Allen Smith at Mizzou

Planting the Seed

Gardening expert P. Allen Smith plants herbs with children during Mizzou's 175th anniversary event.

academic hall, university of missouri

M-I-Z, B-O-O-K

175th anniversary history book to be published.


Speech and Spectacle

Speakers Circle is MU’s epicenter of free speech.

Larry Fletcher

Charlie Chaser

Larry Fletcher is filling retirement with books about his Vietnam War experience.

Charlie and Shirley Brown

A Team of Teachers

College of Education grads Shirley and Charlie Brown celebrate 48 years.

1971 Mizzou war protest

Protest Remembered

Mizzou antiwar leaders remember Kent State-inspired 1970 protests.


Faurot Family Fashion

Faurot daughters donate family clothing to Mizzou.

Mizzou LGBTQ Alumni panel

MU Alumni Speak Out

MAA, Mizzou Athletics and Triangle Coalition sponsor LGBTQ Alumni Panel.

Johnny Cash at Hearnes University of Missouri 1976

We Love You, Columbia!

Big musical acts have been coming to Columbia for decades.


Cattle, Bison, Neanderthals and You

Jerry Taylor traces human history through cattle genomes.

Mizzou Engineering Shamrock

Luck of the Irish

Engineering students have celebrated E-Week since 1903.


The Boys of Summer

Mizzou’s 1954 NCAA champion baseball team celebrates the season’s 60th anniversary in 2014.


More Than Bones & Stones

Anthropology faculty explore links between evolution and human behavior.


In The Beginning

It’s difficult to imagine a time before these CoMo classics.

The Shack University of Missouri

Ghosts of CoMo’s Past

College hangouts come and go through the years.

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